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October 25, 2021

Votenet VoteSafe Verification Guarantees a Safe Experience for Voters and Survey Participants

VoteSafe ensures that participants' privacy and security are protected while using eBallot

Votenet Solution SSL Encryption On: This verification confirms that the selections you make are transmitted in encrypted format using Verisign's Extended Validation 256-bit SSL Encryption.
Votenet Solution McAfee Secure On: This verification confirms that this site and Votenet's network are continuously monitored by McAfee Secure and that it is considered safe from hackers and tested on a daily basis for vulnerabilities.
Votenet Solution Data Security On: This verification confirms that any data you provide inside of eBallot and your voting credentials are stored safely in a fortified data center. Votenet maintains strict policies and undergoes routine security audits.
Votenet Solution Privacy Protection On: This verification confirms that Votenet Solutions, Inc. will not sell any personal information or data provided by its customers or by individuals during the online balloting process.
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